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Part of the Supernatural of Los Melas series:

  • Gretel: Witch Hunter

  • TBA

  • TBA


Gretel Peters and her brother Hansen spend their days and nights fighting the dark casters who hunt the streets of Los Melas.


As Witch Hunters, their destined to be the last line of defense against the ever-growing supernatural threat. But when Hansen goes missing during their latest case, Gretel will have to retrace his steps in order to find him, and she’ll need an insider to succeed.


Luckily for Gretel, her ex just happens to be a powerful forbidden warlock with the magic, and the contacts, to help her.


Published: November 10, 2018

Editors:  Lorraine Fico-White

Cover Artists:  Fantasy Book Design

Genres:  Fantasy/Paranormal RomanceUrban Fantasy

Tags:  Magic, Sorcery, Desinty, Alpha Male, Witches BestsellerRomanceSeriesVampires

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